• December 2014 - “Indra”Russian Pavilion,  Miami Art Basel Week

• May 2014 - “Industriality", Gallery EDT (New York)

• May 2014 - “Terminator Factory”, Russian Pavilion,  Gallery Erarta  (New York)

• March 2014 - “Industrial”,  WALLPLAY Gallery (New York)

• December 2013 - Russian Pavilion, Miami Art Basel Week

• October 2012 - “Industrial Animal” , Biennale of Brabant in the Netherlands

• February 2011 - Publication and presentation of the book "Industrial Animal”, Ekaterinburg

• August 2009 - "Transforming the waves” and “The Egg” installations, Art Factor International Festival.

• March 2009 –  “Clouds” video,  SCOPE Art Fair,  New York

• December 2009 - “Techno style” , Krasnoyarsk

• December 2008 - “In transition Russia 2008” International Cross-disciplinary Art Fair, Moscow

• December 2008 - “Clouds”, “Astral connections” screening during «Video Night» project, IV Festival of modern art «Prank», Petrozavodsk

• August 2008 – Festival-laboratory «Art-Factory», Russian-French project, Yekaterinburg  Со-curator, artist («Mushrooms», «Dambas»)

• May 2007 – “Civilized violence”, Yekaterinburg




magazine WTF: 12/2013




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Kill Dragon



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Сity ​​streets usual


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I am a vegetarian






The book "Industrial animals"


In 2012 the book, devoted to industrial photography was published. This book has a set of photographs about factories made by Den Marino. The factories are situated on the territory of former USSR and where captured by Den 1998 -2012.  The artists states that he sees the factories as a living bio - mechanical organisms. This great archive of photography let the viewer look at the plants from the artist’s point of view.  The name of the project is “Industrial animals”, in this book animals are decomposed to the cells, blood, skin, bones and so on.




magazine The Calvert: 12/2013



Real steel: Photographer Den Marino’s stunning elegy for an era of heavy industry




magazine TATLIN: 1(43)54_2008

Indastrial Animals