Sirius 7B


Myth about IndraAncient Hindu believed that the King of Gods was Indra. The lord of funder and lightning, he made people to worship his power, giving his mercy or punishment to them. Those times people lived surrounded by nature and could see the will of Gods in it. Sacred texts, rites and rituals were obligatory form of existence. But during the time the world of people was becoming more and more independent from nature. The legends of past were forgotten, the Gods pantheons lost their meaning. The new era had come, the era of man-made creation, whose power and scale was the same or even bigger than the power of ancient Gods and forces of nature. And this man-made power brought back ancient fears and worship among the people. The technogenic civilization has its own mysteries and rituals.

 The industrial giant conglomerations are as impressive as ancient temples and their set of rules, norms and regulations isn’t much more clear and easy than the mysterious doctrines of the past.Industrial dragons as they were new hypostasis of industrial Indra are scattered all over the world. The giant plants collect the thousands of people under their roofs, submitting these people’s lives with their plans and goals. In these conditions a person becomes the small piece of technogenic organism, a cell in the body of insatiable dragon. The person is lost inside this life, the whole his day is devoted to the will and demands of this giant, producing thunder and steam, heat and poison. The process is becoming more optimal, the production is doing a progress, the technogenic creature is devouring and converting the raw materials giving the products instead. And we are possibly on the new age when the people will reject man-made material as it was before with the nature and will go to the new condition of individuality. In installation Indra we would like to show our view of person and plant union and our feeling of bearing something new in the recent future and what it will be depends only on us.





The installation in memory of perished miners. Regular explosions in mines, taking away scores of miners’ life, produce the impression of secret underground war, which is difficult to understand for people. The author wanted to understand it and to attract public attention to this problem. Is this war worthy of such price…  “DAMBAS” is the name of phantom city, looking like Kuzbass and Donbass, something like abbreviation.


Sirius 7B