My photos, videoworks, installations and performances are inspired by love for industrial spaces. I met with the fact that most of people while looking at industrial landscapes find there just correspondence with fixed internal templates. I try to find ways of expression which could serve as a reference point in reconsideration of a habitual image. Factories are unique monuments of the present which do not know analogues on complexity, absurdity, utopianism and similarity with the nature. The factory is a first biomechanical organism which was created by man, becoming its part, having sated its flesh with energy of human bodies, thought and movement. The factory as a product of a civilisation and art space is unfairly trampled in life haste, is overshadowed and reduced just to functional purpose. All the people working at factory, become a part of this organism, include itself in the general unconscious of this monster, start to think of requirements, succeesses, problems of this factory, as about own, private affairs. The man becomes a cage, a power component of this huge animal’s body whereas internal units of factory are organs, technological liquids, acids, water are similar to blood, basic construction and transitions – to the skeleton. The man who has got to structure of this body, loses the right and forces to think independently and is grasped by requirements and desires of the factory. These biomechanical animals live with us not for a long time, just two-three hundred years, and we can already track their evolution, see as fragile these dinosaurs are, as they depend on the economic climate of the country, on raw materials (meal) around, as they like some countries geography and how many they have already died out, giving way to quicker, small organisms which supersede the man more and more, replacing him with a computer, thereby getting its own unique mind. If to look to the nearest future the factory could turn to the independent organism which can function independently, provide itself with raw livelihood and make finished goods as excrements. In my works I try to push off the spectator with industrial space and I believe that people having looked at this world under other corner, will change their relation to it for more positive and interested in, and also they will take a great interest in this world. The mankind is a new god who creates the world by common efforts, different from and similar to the nature. The mankind moves and pulses in an impulse of one live organism-creator. The individual can not notice his contribution to making human creations, being completely dissolved in them, and my task is to be able to see the new latent symbols of life and to raise them from the unconscious.